Top Benefits of Drinking Coconut Milk

coco milk and a nut

The fact that coconuts are very useful for our health is out of the question. It’s enough to have a look at the inhabitants of tropical countries to make sure that they have shining hair and healthy skin and never experience the diseases which are common for citizens of European countries. The main point is that they know about useful properties of this tropical fruit and use it in their daily diet.

This article is devoted to coconut milk as one of the products made from coconut. Benefits of drinking this tropical milk milk have become a good reason for a huge popularity of this drink with people following healthy lifestyle and with lactose intolerance (it’s a good substitution for cow’s milk). Here is the list of advantages anyone can take of using this wonderful beverage.

Lauric acid

This liquid from coconut meat includes 17% of fat which is represented by lauric acid. This acid belongs to a medium chain fatty acid group which is characterized by having better impact on our body than long chain fatty acids have. Lauric acid is easily broken down and metabolized. Moreover it has antimicrobial and antifungal properties which protect our organism from viruses and infections. It’s advisable to take this tropical beverage as a supplement to your daily health diet.

Antioxidant properties

Coconut products are famous for its antioxidant properties which are very important for keeping us healthy. This fact means that this liquid doesn’t rancid in our stomach as other polyunsaturated fats do. These harmful fats are contained in margarine and fat spreads and the worst thing about them is that they become bad very fast even before they go through our digestive system.

Source of essential immune system vitamins

As for our immunity system coconut beverage helps in boosting it providing our body with vital vitamins. It is also proved to aid in reliving sore throats. This tropical beverage contains such vitamins as calcium, chloride and potassium. So if you want to prevent deficiency of the mentioned vitamins, this natural drink will help you a lot.

Balancing lipids in our body

Regular drinking coconut milk helps to avoid lipid disorder in the body. This tropical product can be prescribed for the people who suffer from hyperlipidemia – very high level of cholesterol in the organism. If you don’t lower this level you can get coronary problems and other vascular disorders. Ayurveda, famous Indian medicine, uses coconuts for treatment different diseases.

Good alternative for dairy products

Coconut milk is rich in important vitamins and minerals. If you use this tropical product instead of usual dairy products you’ll never feel lack of calcium since this useful mineral has a considerable place in the content of this exotic fruit.

Saturated fats for losing weight

People who wish to lose weigh will find this drink very beneficial since it generally consists of saturated fats. They are easily utilized and converted into energy and they are never stored up as fat in our body. The only thing you should care about is the quantity of calories in coconut milk (about 200 calories per 100g). Such a level is rather high if you drink this beverage in excess amounts.

Long period of storage

Coconut milk doesn’t go off for a long time. Due to its antioxidant properties this drink in unopened condition can be kept for several months.

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